Developer Relations Lead - Data Science and Engineering

Engineering · Remote, New York
Department Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Are you passionate about data privacy in data science or ethical data science? Cape Privacy is an cloud-first SaaS data privacy and security platform focused on open-source, collaborative data science and machine learning. We have several open source projects (including Cape Python and TF-Encrypted) to make it super easy to build privacy-friendly and security-aware for data scientists, data engineers and data processors.


As our Developer Relations Lead, you will be representing the community needs internally and spending time showcasing the work we are doing to a broader audience. This role works directly with our data privacy, data science and engineering and cloud user communities and the primary job responsibilities include:


  • Community Engagement: You will be leading Cape's communication and engagement with user and contributor community members and ethical data science and data privacy leaders. Although we all are a part of talking to the community at Cape, you are a core bridge and provide guidance on community needs. You also work alongside user research at Cape to hear the needs of data folks when it comes to privacy and security. You are an advocate for the Cape mission You'll also keep track of our community metrics and work with the team on what is resonating and what isn't.
  • Educational Leadership: Privacy and security are tough areas for even experts! At Cape, we aim to make these topics more accessible and down-to-earth. You'll be leading educational content such as webinars, talks, AMAs, videos, and building interesting content that is accessible for all levels in data science, engineering and analysis.
  • Private and Fair Data Science Advocacy: At Cape, we have a strong mission to make privacy easier so we can make data science better, so we can solve bigger problems and we can ensure that we build and architect things in a privacy-aware way from the very beginning. We see this as one step towards a future of more just and equal data science. For this reason, you'll also be engaging with movements for ethical, just, fair and more equal data science.
  • Code Contributions: You'll be listening to the needs, maybe experiencing some pains of current tools and helping provide some of the cool functionality in libraries like Cape Python (and more, coming soon!). As you get to know the libraries and find moments where you say "Wouldn't it be cool if...?", you'll be able to open an GitHub Issue and plan some improvements. As part of this work, you'll engage with other engineers at Cape and work alongside them on new features and prototype ideas.




You really love talking with technical and developer communities, synthesizing and building on new software and product ideas and like diving into new technical concepts to ask questions and learn more.


You enjoy writing clear, accessible documentation and encouraging others to contribute to open-source -- lowering the barrier and getting folks engaged.


You are comfortable in Python (bonus for also some Scala, R or other language experience), be excited about the mission and ready to learn, present and engage with data scientists and engineers everywhere.


Experience working with content and/or marketing teams is a nice bonus. You'll be working alongside Product and Marketing to get the word out about Cape!




You do not need to have previous roles in evangelism, advocacy or developer relations! If you believe you have a voice to add to the above conversations and are comfortable in public speaking settings, we encourage you to apply.


You do not need to have advanced data privacy or cryptographic experience. If you do, that's great! But far from a requirement. You do need to be eager to learn, have data science, data engineering and analyst fundamentals and be comfortable learning as you go and presenting on topics as you go. Steady learning and improvement is better than perfection anyway!


Working at Cape


Cape is a fully-remote, fully-distributed and growing startup with team members in Europe, Canada and the United States. This position doesn't require you to move anywhere and has neat things like support for continued education, summer Fridays, a $3K technology allowance and retirement benefits. To learn more about us and our product, check out our website: and our GitHub: . We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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